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Round 1

  • Early Spring (Mid February to Late March)


landscape design consultation.

Find out just how beautiful your outdoor space could be, before you spend a dime.

Our 6 treatment program is designed to build a strong, beautiful lawn in a responsible and cost effective manner.  In our commitment to being good stewards of the environment, we avoid unnecessary and costly additional applications.  However, when warranted, these additional applications are available for an additional charge.  New for this year, we will treat crab grass in your turf as part of our standard 6 treatment program.


Our Guarantee: If broadleaf weeds become evident in your turf between treatments while your lawn is being serviced by our 6 treatment program, give us a call, and we will return to treat them at no additional charge.

Our Superior Lawn Treatment Program

  • Fertilizer to promote root and shoot growth. Roots decline and get shorter during the hot weather. This application helps build roots to make them longer and stronger for the heat of summer that is just around the corner. This application will also promote a strong color response in your turf.

  • Pre-Emergent Crabgrass control

  • Broadleaf weed control to treat winter annuals; Henbit and Hairy Bittercress

Round 3

  • Early Summer (Late May to Early July)

  • Organic Blend Fertilizer Application to provide nutrients during the summer months.

  • Broadleaf weed

  • Post emergent Crab Grass control as needed

Round 4

  • Late Summer (Late July to Late August)

  • Broadleaf Weed Control

  • Post-emergent Crabgrass control as needed

Round 5

Late Fall (Early September to Early October). This is the time to decide if you would like to aerate and / or over-seed. Aeration and over-seeding are additional services that we strongly recommend. We will customize your lawn treatment accordingly based on your decision:

• If you are Over-Seeding,

A Balanced Nutrient Starter Fertilizer to help nourish new seedlings, while promoting health of existing turf.


• If you are NOT Over-Seeding

Fertilizer formulated to help mature turf rejuvenate from the challenges of summer stress.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Optional Treatments that can be added to your program on a preferred or as needed basis:

  • Curative Insect Control (early July to Early August). Typically applied when needed between Rounds 3 & 4, to disrupt the presence of destructive insect populations.

  • Fungicide treatment (rarely needed but available)

  • Grassy weed suppression (wire grass) (3 step summer application)

  • Preventative Grub control (June / July). This is a highly recommended add on treatment (especially to clients with irrigation). This preventative application provides superior damage control and is more cost effective than a Curative Insect Control application.

  • Compost application to improve soil composition and structure (typically late summer / early fall).

  • Aeration / over-seeding

  • Lime / Solu-Cal application to help adjust the ph level of the soil enabling more efficient intake of nutrients (typically Dec. / Jan.). This increased efficiency not only benefits your turf, but also the environment by increasing nutrient consumption by turf and decreasing run-off of fertilizer and nutrients into streams and waterways. A simple soil test can be performed to analyze the needs of your lawn and ensure that this service is not performed unnecessarily.

  • Soil Test – Analysis of Macro and Micro-nutrients, Soil Ph and Cation Exchange Capacity. These components enable a more comprehensive approach to soil improvements for optimum results of turf health and management.

Lawn Treatment Program BEFORE & AFTER

Round 2

  • April to Late Late Spring (Early April)

  • Low rate nitrogen application to enhance root development, growth, and density without promoting excessive top growth.

  • Broadleaf Weed Control to increase aesthetics and decrease weed competition for water, nutrients and sunlight for turf grass.

Round 6

Early Winter (Late November to Late December).  

  • Winterizer Fertilizer application specialized to promote the strengthening of cell walls and the storing of Nitrogen during winter months for plant health and early spring green up.  

wow crabgrass control

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