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Drainage is basically facilitating the movement of water from one place to another using landscape design techniques and materials. Erosion Control is preventing or controlling wind or water erosion, which occurs on many residential and commercial properties.  We will use erosion control applications and outdoor drainage supplies to meet the specifications of your particular drainage issues.


You could need help from a drainage solutions company for a number of reasons because drainage problems don't go unnoticed. You may see:

  • Constantly wet, saturated lawn

  • Cracks, leaks and sinking foundation around your home

  • Pooled water in your driveway

  • Flooded garage

  • More mosquitoes than usual


Once you have seen standing water in your yard, or notice more mosquitoes than normal you know you may have water drainage problems. We can customize a poly pipe drainage system to fit your needs, taking into account the slope of your yard, your home, and other factors to avoid residential drainage issues. If you have a driveway or yard that pitches towards the house, we can re-direct that water for grass drainage, direct downspouts away from the house to prevent rainwater drainage problems that run-off in planting beds, basement walkouts, install garage or basement window drains, or simply preventing heaving from freeze then thaw.


Varsity Landscaping can install French drains, poly corrugated pipe directing, gutter drains, PVC, channel drains, and catch basins as a few drainage options. For solution ideas, give us a call today!


Invest in high quality hardscaping installations from the local experts.

Drainage and Grading  - Stop Basement and Yard Flooding for Good


your outdoor space.

You may see cracks, leaks, and sinking foundation around your home. Foundations will be repaired swiftly to bolster structures. Soils retain water and expand and contract. During colder months, soil takes in water, freezes, and then expands. When the ground thaws, the soil loses water and contracts, and the foundation begins to crack.


Varsity Landscaping offers yard, driveway, foundation and field drainage solutions that significantly reduce the chance of water-related issues by directing water away from your home with drains, erosion control and re-grading.

Signs of foundation drainage problems:

Don’t wait for your garage or basement to flood. Improper or ineffective yard and driveway drainage can lead to extensive water damage inside your home. You need a reliable landscape drainage company to explore possibilities such as excavation and installation of French drains – gravel-filled trenches containing perforated pipes – to redirect surface water and groundwater away from your home. You may also want to install:

Driveway and Garage Drainage Issues

  • Window Wells and Drains - to redirect water away from your basement

  • Driveway Drains – also known as channel drains (perimeter ground drains) that connect to an exterior sump pump or gravity fed to daylight to transport surface water and groundwater away from your driveway, garage and home

  • Downspout Drainage Systems – install below ground (when possible) to move water away from your home and prevent basement flooding. We might suggest a dry stream bed, storm drain or stone drainage swale area and/or the use of vegetation as a barrier.

  • Erosion Control - using retaining walls or terracing for effective erosion control that will preserve your lawn and eliminate water problems in your home

  • Re-grading - compact soil around the base of your foundation to redirect surface water away from your home and eliminate basement flooding

  • Concrete Work - Installing proper drainage typically

includes tight connection of all downspouts to drainage pipelines eliminates problems at the building foundation and prevents standing ground water. Landscape grading can be a valuable and effective tool in managing this run-off water. We can also incorporate drainage lines to redirect water to catch basins or draining the run-off away from foundations.

Our certified technicians can also set up roof drainage systems, as well as lawn and landscape drainage systems. From repairs to system installations, we can take care of it all. Varsity Landscaping will recommend which erosion control method is best for you and the environment.


Give us a call today to find out more about our drainage services and the type of systems we install.

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No matter what kind of property you own, Varsity Landscaping can help you find the drainage services you need. We install infiltration drainage systems, sump pump drainage systems, gutter and downspout systems, and driveway drainage systems.

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