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Make the grass greener on your side of the fence

Follow these tips for a healthier lawn!


•  Once a year is a good guideline for how often to aerate. Ask us for specific advice based on your soil conditions!


•  You should always aerate before you over-seed your lawn, because it loosens the soil and promotes growth.


•  Use the Aera-vator! Our cutting-edge technology isn't something you'll find everywhere. You'll get core-aeration prices with far superior results! Aera-vator aeration is not more expensive.


•  Do you have bare spots where grass does not grow? We can fix them!


•  Fall is usually the best time to aerate, because it gives turf 9 months to get ready for the tough heat of summer. Root development continues throughout the fall and winter, so everything will be ready by summer.


•  Ask for a FREE estimate! You can get one from us today.

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Foot traffic and other factors can compact your soil. Use aeration to restore the balance! Ask for a FREE estimate today. You can trust our over 20 years' experience.

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